When the girl who doesn’t like to eat healthily or exercise…begins to eat healthily and exercise.

For those of you that know me, you’ll know that I LOVE food, and that I’m completely averse to any kind of movement that doesn’t involve bringing a spoonful of ice cream to my mouth, or stretching my finger out to tell Netflix that ‘Yes, I am still here and am still watching, I just haven’t moved from my bed in 6 hours because I have been seshing OITNB’. (Some may call me lazy, I call myself conserving my energy…like a sloth).

But anyways, recently I’ve come to realise that maybe all of this junk food and not moving all that much PERHAPS isn’t too good for me, so I’ve decided (well, with a lot of my boyfriends help) to make a few changes to my lifestyle. Although I’ve never thought myself as overweight, I’ve also never thought of myself as skinny. I have always had big hips, and begrudgingly come to realise that as much as I hate my legs – they will never be as thin as I would like them to be. So for me, the goal is to just tone up, lose a little bit of weight here and there… and actually be able to wear my ‘skinny dress’ or my ‘skinny top’ that have been in my wardrobe with the tags still on for this exact moment where I FINALLY begin to eat healthily and exercise properly, and can fit into them.

I have to say, I haven’t embraced this change with open arms. For me, having a sweet tooth is my weakness, and you know what, most healthy foods SUCK. But with the help of my designated healthy chef (my boyfriend. I designated it. Sorry Charlie) I have found that healthy foods don’t need to be horrible and tasteless, and they can actually taste good. For example, you can still eat a burger and chips – but instead of a beef burger, you can have a turkey burger. Instead of the normal potato fries, you can have sweet potato fries. And then just don’t add the usual cheese, bacon, egg, ketchup… 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve hated some of it. I’ve learnt that you will REALLY miss your snacks and treats, but sometimes you can allow yourself a treat.  Yesterday I had a mini breakdown, because my sweet tooth was not loving this dieting business, and I allowed myself to have some chocolate *gasp*. But you know what, I enjoyed that chocolate more than I have enjoyed any other chocolate before, and I didn’t even finish the sharing bag in one go…because I didn’t want to. Now this is a miracle for me, normally I could eat 4 or 5 sharing bags in one go (I know, it’s a talent) and so to stop at just a handful of milky bar buttons is unheard of! But because I’ve felt like I’ve made so much progress by going to the gym every day and can see the numbers on the scales going down, I felt guilty.

I’m not an expert at this, in all honesty I don’t know a lot about dieting or exercising really, but what I’ve learnt through this first week is that it is all in your mind set. I’ve had a gym membership previous to this, and I went for a long time, but I never really lost any weight because I don’t think I really WANTED to. But I know this time what my goal is, and the gist of what I need to make that goal happen, so I am going to continue to try, but I’m also going to treat myself one day a week to something that I really really enjoy, because you still have to enjoy the process – otherwise you’re more likely to fail.

*I’m toying with the idea of carrying on a fitness/healthy lifestyle blog (but for the average gal/guy, nothing crazy) or wondering whether it would just be a flop, so please comment if you would be interested in reading*



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