The feminism of today.

So, Feminism. Yes, I hear you all sigh. It’s that word that everyone utters under breath, that curse word that nobody wants to hear, because there’s always going to be a debate of some kind, someone is going to get annoyed (most likely me, and then i’ll sulk and then stress eat, and lets face it, nobody wants to see that). But why is this so? We now live in an age where anything goes. We have turned HUGE corners as a society – gay marriage is now legal, we have our first ever Down Syndrome model, our first ever black president, and we’ve found flowing water on Mars. So, why is feminism such a taboo subject?

In my opinion, Feminism today isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days of  Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davison, fighting for our basic human right to vote. Yes some may argue that hunger strikes and walking in front of a horse is a bit extreme, but it did the job didn’t it?

Yet still, in 2015, we still have this inequality. And yes we do have people fighting for women’s rights, but are they fighting for the right things? All I see on facebook and social media now is man-hating girls and women, fighting for their rights but shaming men in the process. This is NOT feminism. Men and women can both be feminists, because it is not all about women striving. It is about men and women striving TOGETHER . Yes, women seem to be the underdog – we get shamed for what we wear, in some countries we are denied an education, there are pay differences, and don’t even get me started on the tampon tax as we could be here all day. But feminism is about achieving equal opportunities for both men and women, and creating an equal society, not making women the superior sex.

In my opinion, these ‘feminists’ that shame and bring down men in the process are what’s ruining feminism. We are no longer fighting for the same cause, and the road to equality is getting further away. I am not disputing that we do not have honourable mascots for the feminism cause, because we do. Emma Watson’s #heforshe campaign created a huge amount of publicity for the cause, and Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work in creating an equal society and demanding girls to be allowed the same education as boys.

Despite all this, we are still so far away from creating an equal society. And in my opinion, we need to get back to the way things were, when feminism had one true meaning. We need to work together to make a difference, and not work against each other.


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